Residential Project

There is an old saying that goes “if it was easy, anyone could do it“. Well, this was a project that I was very grateful for my whole team. The project was a new build, five story residential tower with a attached casual restaurant. Besides the usual timeline and budget requirements that come with commercial projects, this one added the challenge of appealing to multiple buyers who where yet unknown. While the developer and listing agent knew the price range they were targeting, the design aesthetic was much less defined. Make it look upscale but stay within the budget (or less), appeal to a wide range of buyers (but do not offend anyone), be unique (but not too much), and if we could also provide some surprise elements, that would be nice (but remember the timeframe and budget).

As you enter the property you will notice the beautiful, oversized chandelier, that the client liked so much that we duplicated it on each of the five floors. The fact that it creates a strong visual image from the parking lot was an added bonus. Metallic textured wallpaper; large scale art, a vibrant animal print carpet runner and a custom organic table display help create the feel of an upscale lobby to tenants and guests. We continued this vibe in the two lounge areas where we selected unique lighting, comfortable seating and two custom JRD pieces; a wood slab and steel coffee table and agate with acrylic side table. In the community meeting room we custom fabricated an extra large steel base which supports a gorgeous 9 foot long oval blue Azurite table top. The rich colors transition onto the navy flocked geometric print wallpaper adjacent to the table.

In the gym, we wanted to add a local touch that would spark conversation. A photograph of the Edwardsville criterium taken by a hometown photographer enlarged to a 8’ x 12‘ wall mural certainly gets attention.

As you exit the elevator on each floor we wanted to creat a dramatic focal point that would welcome homeowners as guests. Each landing area contains a custom designed and built JRD custom console table, complemented, by lamps, artwork and chairs. The objective was to draw one down the hallway to the front door of each unit (2 on each floor). Along this journey you will find framed antique ceiling tins, oversized canvases and a wood painting to name just a few. Each floor provides a different aesthetic adventure.

The design challenge was the south facing units each have an exposed steel I-beam in the kitchen area. We embraced this obstacle by designing a table which incorporates the beam as one of the four table legs. To balance this industrial element we selected curvy polished chrome legs which added a touch of femininity. The existing cabinetry was black so we intentionally added a black and metallic striped wallpaper at the entrance- but used peel and stick so that it can easily be removed (remember this is a display unit). To create a “wow” factor we custom designed and built what we call an “Icicle” table which was built from a white oak tree milled in Illinois. New lighting, knurled hardware and monochromatic furniture and decor make for a cohesive design. A local artist who had captured well known iconic images of our town was the perfect artwork to lead you down the hall to the remaining residence.

To create an equally memorable entrance in the second display unit, we sourced a pair of 100 year old doors from India with a worn blue/ green patina that only time can produce. These doors are mounted on custom steel supports which elevate the doors both physically and as beautiful works of art. We opted for a more colorful palette in this space and added touches of whimsy with art and decor. In both units we added custom cedar exterior planters on the deck and comfortable seating for outdoor enjoyment. Styling and staging these units gives potential buyers the opportunity to see how they could move right in.

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