Ep. 5 – O’Bar Cafe with E.J. Jones

This podcast holds two very important debuts. First, the debut of co-host Sam Fink on the mic! Second, the debut of Season 2. For this episode, we’re over at O’Bar Cafe in Edwardsville with owner E.J. Jones.

Ep. 1 – E’ville Fitness with Carie Terry

The New Town Square is live! In our first episode, we’re inside E’ville Fitness in Edwardsville, IL sitting down with owner Carie Terry to get a deeper dive behind the gym, what separates E’ville Fitness from other gyms in the area, and the challenges of operating a gym during the pandemic. Let’s get to it!

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Welcome to The New Town Square Podcast. In this episode, host Drew Bradley introduces the entire show and gives the reasons behind the creation of the podcast. The reinvention of the traditional town square is here! Follow our links to our social channels and website: Facebook Page  Instagram YouTube Channel http://newtownsquarepod.com/