Ep. 9 – Julie Reinecke Designs

Julie Reinecke is an Edwardsville interior and exterior designer helping commercial and residential clients love where they live. We talk about Julie’s beginnings over 20 years ago in the home design world, thrifting stories and how she sources the things she puts in her clients homes, and some of the unique pieces her and her […]

Ep. 8 – Hot4Yoga with Jeremy Henkhaus & Val Weaver

Hot4Yoga in Edwardsville offers heated & non-heated yoga classes for all skill levels. We recorded this podcast from inside the studio after an amazing gentle yoga class. In this episode, we talked about each of Jeremy & Val’s yoga journeys, physical and mental benefits of hot yoga, and yoga philosophy. Namaste. Watch Our Videos Follow […]

Ep. 7 – Performance Chiro+ with Dr. Pablo Orozco

Dr. Pablo Orozco takes us through his journey on how he started his own, unique chiropractic practice in downtown Edwardsville. Plus, we hear some tips on how we can incorporate “Movement Snacks” throughout our day to stay limber and ready to take on the day. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.

Ep. 6 – Plan Shop Live with Susan Smith

Take an audio tour around one of the 618’s newest kitchens located in Maryville. In the mood for deliciously healthy burgers?  How about a boozy Cold Brew? You’re in the right spot. Plan Shop Live owner Susan Smith tells us the story behind her kitchen, the importance of eating balanced meals, & challenges of operating […]

Ep. 5 – O’Bar Cafe with E.J. Jones

This podcast holds two very important debuts. First, the debut of co-host Sam Fink on the mic! Second, the debut of Season 2. For this episode, we’re over at O’Bar Cafe in Edwardsville with owner E.J. Jones.

Ep. 4 – EDUrain with Bryon Pierson, Jr.

Tech startups are local to the 618, too! Bryon Pierson, Jr., the founder of EDUrain, joins us on Ep. 4 to talk about the importance of higher education, hustle, and the state of the world today. Put the earphones on and press play baby! Thank you for listening.

Ep. 3 – 618 Real Estate with Julie Fleck & Tara Riggs

Live from the Front Office in Edwardsville, IL, our third episode features local RE/Max Alliance realtors Julie Fleck and Tara Riggs as we journey through everything that makes our area a great place to live. We also dive into many real topics from the buying process in today’s market to personality traits that make up a good realtor. Pack […]

Locals: Live – Jon Parkin

Jon Parkin is the superintendent at the Madison County Historical Museum and Archival Library. Mr. Parkin also was an award-winning educator before retiring after 25+ years at Edwardsville High School. In this podcast, we primarily talk about the American War of Independence, but end up covering a plethora of historical topics that tie into modern […]

Ep. 2 – Alfonzo’s Pizzeria with Joe Paolucci

FOR FULL PODCAST EXPERIENCE, it’s best to listen with a few slices of Alfonzo’s Pizza. For the second episode, we sat down with Joe Paolucci, who is the son of Alfonzo’s owner Mike Paolucci. Joe’s been working at Alfonzo’s since 8th grade, so we got alot of great insight into the business, the evolution of […]

Ep. 1 – E’ville Fitness with Carie Terry

The New Town Square is live! In our first episode, we’re inside E’ville Fitness in Edwardsville, IL sitting down with owner Carie Terry to get a deeper dive behind the gym, what separates E’ville Fitness from other gyms in the area, and the challenges of operating a gym during the pandemic. Let’s get to it!